Our mission is to help companies grow by removing the complexity of scheduling and managing their teams so they can run their business more efficiently.

Our Story

The idea of D14.AI was first born when our founder Melda Akin had trouble enrolling on a course at the university because of the suboptimal schedule. She was a research assistant in the Computer Engineering department while studying for her master's degree in Intelligent Engineering Systems and AI. This is where she discovered Constraint Programming (CP).

CP technology offers very efficient automated decision-making tools that routinely outperform handwritten algorithms (conventional software development approaches). It is applied on problems whose difficulty scales exponentially in the input size which are very hard to solve without some clever inference. So she started exploring how the companies across the industries could benefit from this technology. Then she came to Dubai and founded D14.AI with the mission of creating a world without scheduling problems.

D14.AI is incubated by In5 Tech, Dubai, and is selected as Top 8 start-ups in the MENA region by Womena, Top 10 Follow that Startup program by CNN International, awarded by Standard Chartered Bank, founder Melda Akin was selected as ‘New Entrepreneur of the year 2020’ in Gulf Region by Gulf Capital and selected to Top 10 Women Behind Middle Eastern Tech Brands 2021 and Top 20 Women Behind Middle Eastern Tech Brands 2022 list by Forbes Middle East.

We believe in science. 

We picked 'D' to evoke the word 'Dimension' and picked '14' since there's an interesting connection between our favourite scientists, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking; Einstein was born on the 14th of March, and Stephen Hawking passed away on the 14th of March. Our company values are embodied in his famous quote that 'Intelligence is inspired by change.'

We're passionate.

We want to collaborate with clients and partners to solve the most challenging optimization problems in the world to give a better world to the next generation.

Our Values


We are passionate, committed in heart and mind that we'll always positively impact our clients and planet by leading the change.


We are a team of the best talents, and we have confidence in each other.


We act on behalf of the entire team and seek what is best for our product.


We love what we do, and we have fun when we create unique products.


We're proud of what we do, and we do it well.

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