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Dhealth is the simple and brilliant no-code platform for designing and delivering personalized patient education programs. Launch faster and better.
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Easy to integrate, scalable patient education solution

Dhealth’s secret ingredient:

Personalized Content Plans

Our AI-based engine identifies and integrates the best-fitting content according to each patient’s goals and experiences. The platform assures the most effective and efficient delivery of the right content, to the right audience, in the right order.

Welcome Tip

Our AI engine keeps learning from every bit of collected data (user feedback, user behavior, user progress) to continuously improve its recommendation accuracy.

Why Dhealth?

Hassle-free content entry
Flexible patient interaction
AI analytics for patient
behaviour tracking
Scalable infrastructure

How it works?

Content Entry

Content is indexed with the easy-to-use CMS platform.

User Profile & Targets

Personal user profile information and targets collected from the end-user mobile application are used to create personas for users.

Best Content Delivery

Core application creates personalized content delivery plans for each user.

AI-enhanced Personalization

AI algorithms collect every usage data and to logically recommend the most relevant content for each user.

Manual Assignment and Progress Tracking

Management will track users’ progress and feedback through the back office mobile app. They can manually suggest some content to specific users.

Seamless collaboration with your audience and employees

Latest Technology

Proudly built by the passionate D14 team of experienced scientists and engineers.

Smooth Experience

Add your content and patient meta data to the platform. Let the system handle the rest.

Business Flexible

Build your B2B or B2B2C business models using a flexible subscription module.

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