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Shifit's secret sauce:

Autonomous AI Engine

Non-crucial administrative tasks consume considerable time and resources of healthcare providers. Our AI based scheduling engine helps healthcare providers shift their focus onto their patients. Interactively manages and optimises the allocation of time, space and healthcare providers' preferences in a time and cost-saving way, resulting in increased profit, staff and patient satisfaction.

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Creating a monthly rotation for 15 practitioners equally distributed for all shifts requires roughly 420 variables to consider. It takes around six days of manual work without guaranteeing optimised schedules. We do it in seconds, proving that our solution is optimal.

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Automate workflows, enable real time data processing.

Empower your labors to manage their time more efficiently.

Speed up to 75% time to complete your tasks.

Have an easy, clean interface and smooth collaboration within the company.

Loved by everyone from private enterprises to government organizations

Seamless collaboration within your company

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Proudly built by the passionate team of D14 that is made up of scientists, engineers and constant support from doctors.

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Know your patients before they walk in. Enable online access and let our AI agent assist your admin staff and doctors.

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Reduce time spent on patient data recording, reporting, and increase your revenue with a centralised system.

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