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37 %


Percentage of women in entry level positions in the technology, information and media industries in 2023
World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2023

20 %


Percentage of women in C-suite positions in the technology, information and media industries in 2023
World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2023



Percentage of women with leadership positions in the 20 largest global technology companies in 2022
UN Women Report - Progress On The Sustainable Development Goals: The Gender Snapshot 2022

Sirius Labs

Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. Our mission is to help women shine within the global tech community - just like Sirius - through our bootcamps, training and mentoring programs.

Sirius Connect

Designed for professionals.

A subscription-based platform, Sirius Connect brings together likeminded women in tech, helping them to grow their professional network, have meaningful interactions and build lasting connections.

Sirius Youth Academy

Designed for students in higher education.

Focused on training and development, Sirius Youth Academy enables students to connect with experienced professionals and role models and become part of a highly selective mentorship program.

Why Sirius Labs?

Designed by females who studied tech. So, we can easily hear your ups & downs in your journey.

We’re not only in tech, we’re in everywhere where technology speaks and stands.

We provide an AI-driven mobile application for you to keep learning as well as bootcamps.

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Women in technology have nothing to fear — except their own hesitance

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My expectation was to ask and answer the right questions for myself to find out what my goals are, where I could be more successful, and what actions I need to take to reach my potential.


I am Buse, working as an Applied Scientist at Amazon, Luxembourg. I studied Computer and Industrial Engineering


Having a person in your life who overcame many obstacles over time might prevent you from do the same mistakes in your own path